Mecura Healthcare Service

Revolutionising the child health care system in India and making it much more simpler, easier, & better.

Indian tendency to not take child to doctor unless the child is ill

Medical record are paper based clumsy to handle and difficult to maintain

Lack of screening for childhood disease which have severe complication in adulthood

How we work

cloud image
single app
secure record

Manage health record in cloud

Student enrollment, investigation data, charting and immunization

Regular health alert

Send reminders and keep parents update about their child health.

Track health trends and performance

Paperless health record can be access from anywhare and anytime in single click.

Single app for health document

Sync with health system and register partener that provide all health related document in single app

Securely Share Records

Share your family’s information securely and add or remove access rights for your records in real time.

Why Child Healthcare

India is a young country with children up to 12 year of age making up to 27% of its population. This young generation is growing up in nuclear families with little or no support, facing new health challenges such as chronic disease obesity and mental health issues. There is no single branded provider of paediatric primary healthcare that cover all common health needs of children including treatment of illness, dental hygiene and care, vision service, nutrition and metal health service.

School are mandated by the government as well as their affiliated education boards to invest in the health of its children including annual health checks and health and life skills educations.

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to power the future of health for the next generation. The Mecura team is working hard to make sure Indian school districts lead the nation in public health, health technology and preventative care.

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